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Lung is the general term for class of dragon in the legends of China, and each class of dragon has its designated responsibility in its name i. The lung is the benevolent bringer of wealth, good fortune, [3] and the rain. The element of the dragon is water, [13] as the Lung are the guardians of the earth's waters. Lung have the body of a gigantic carp with the legs of a tiger, talons of an eagle, and horns of a stag. The earliest images of the Chinese lung were depicted on shells.
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Chinese dragons, also known as East Asian dragons, are legendary creatures in Chinese .. Tianlong (Chinese: 天龍; pinyin: tiānlóng; Wade–Giles: t'ien-lung; literally: "heavenly dragon"), celestial dragon that guards heavenly palaces and. The lung dragons are dragons found in the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. Lung dragons are based upon oriental (Chinese and Japanese) dragons as opposed to the western-based True Dragons, and appear in.
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Chinese dragons , also known as East Asian dragons , are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology , Chinese folklore , and East Asian culture at large. East Asian dragons have many animal-like forms such as turtles and fish , but are most commonly depicted as snake -like with four legs.
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The dragon is one of the most, if not the most, common mythical creatures in human folklore. This is one of the only mythical creatures to have been mentioned in the bible several times in Revelations and Ezekiel, along with the Leviathan and unicorns. There are several variations from country to country. The largest variations are in the European and Asian countries. Dragons in Asian mythology all have similar characteristics, whereas European dragons can differ a great deal. Asian dragon characteristics are most commonly a large, bearded serpent with an extremely long body, four legs, and typically has no wings.
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